Western Arizona Home Performance

We believe in creating a path to financial sustainability through home performance and energy efficiency improvements. The Western Arizona Home Performance (WAHP) program provides money-saving home performance solutions using the latest diagnostic testing set by the Building Performance Institute (BPI), a national recognized standard.

Our home performance energy assessments will give you solutions to help increase the levels of comfort, health, safety and energy efficiency in your home, which can result in saving money on your utility bills.

We are the only Arizona Public Services (APS) Home Performance with Energy Star qualified contractor in Yuma County. We are authorized by APS to provide rebates on certain home performance improvements, further improving your long-term savings.

Take a breath to financial freedom and schedule your Home Performance Energy Assessment today!

Contact our BPI-Certified Home Performance Manager at 928-318-9580 or email at: Miguel.Rios@waca-az.org.